Lawn Maintenance Basics lawn-maintenance-basicsThere are 3 important lawn maintenance tasks to take of when you begin to embed lawn to bed in order to achieve a good looking lawn come springtime.

Get The Air Flowing

The first step is to aerate the landscape for better circulation and to get the nutrients down in among the roots. Next proceed with the over-seeding process to avoid thatching. This can never be a better time to plant for cool season grasses to create new lawn and patch up existing areas. The cooler weather generally removes the competition from the fertilized weed seeds so the grass is able to establish a strong footprint.

Tackle Those Pesky Weeds

It is important to remove those dandelions and perennial weeds such as clover. These are often seen in the winter owing to the fact that they take away herbicide applications and other important nutrients from the soil into their roots. To address problem areas, use an organic alternative such as vinegar based, other acidic herbicide products.

Feed The Soil

Fall is the ideals season to nourish the soil for healthy winter lawns. Applying the last bit of organic slow release fertilizer strengthens the grass to last through the winter season. As a general rule, laying down one to four pounds per 1,000 sq. foot of turf is ideal in areas that receive a lot of sun, whereas areas of your lawn that are predominantly shadowed won’t require nearly as much. It is highly recommended that you get your grass tested first to determine any shortage in nutrients so that you may address then with an appropriate dosage of filter. If you have warm season grasses, you will need to fertilize in the spring and not fall.

When the trees begin to shed their leaves, make sure you rake often to keep your lawn as debris free as possible. Along with fall maintenance, here are a few other ways to keep your landscaping in great condition.

  • Rake your leaves often which will not only make your lawn look cleaner but removing debris from walkways also creates a safer environment
  • Mulching your garden beds will provide a an extra layer of security as winter arrives
  • Use a pressure washer to wash the exterior of your home to clean up any leaves from the trees so that your home looks more appealing
  • If you’re summer flowers are wilting or fading after a long summer season, consider replacing them with fall friendly fresh mums or colorful flowers

While performing these three tasks mentioned above, you will have to simultaneously continue your usual lawn maintenance tasks even though the weathers a bit cooler and your grass is in a much better state than it was last summer. You must also continue mowing, and with heightened settings on your mower of maybe 2” so you’re chopping the blades a little less that you typically do. Keep doing this until you notice that your growth has come to a halt and the lawn is inactive.

Just a little attention to your lawn will go a long way throughout the year. If you stick with these simple pointers you can be sure of a yard you can be proud of, both for your own family’s enjoyment and when it comes time to stick a “For Sale” sign in the ground in the spring.